What We Do

Begin to Grow your Business Today with Powerful AdFollow Remarketing Solutions

Discover the Power of Continued Retargeting Advertising to 100% of People who leave your Website

The aim of retargeting is to get consumers to your website, yet many consumers end up leaving before a conversion is made. We help you bring them back to your site by powerful search retargeting methods.  

Our staff at Adfollow are dedicated in developing creative and professional remarketing campaigns that will keep lost traffic returning back to your website.

The Remarketing Process

Meet with Client

The initial consultation between you and our experienced remarketing staff members is to touch base and to make sure both parties are on the same page in progressing your company forward.

Developing Creative's for your Ads

The next step is for our team to come up with creative ads that will re-target consumers and get them back to your website. We can target ads that are specifically related to different pages of your website depending on what the consumer was looking at as a result, the ad becomes more relevant to the user.

Professional Design Team

The creative's are passed over to the design team to then be created and designed. The design team have years of experience and expertise within the field and their designs are innovative and eye catching.   

Choose from our Pricing Plans

There are different levels of pricing plans to suit each client and the starting price of our professional remarketing solutions is $500 per month, however the price will depend upon individual requirements. All plan levels receive professional remarketing solutions and include all of the processes outlined including the clicks through amount to get to your website.  

Monitor & Review your Campaigns

Campaigns are monitored on a regular basis so the team can review your remarketing advertisements. This is an extremely important step as our professional remarketing team review which ads are most popular by how many impressions and clicks they receive and therefore, campaigns are further targeted to your audience.   

Monthly Report 

Monthly reports are compiled and sent out to our clients at the end of each month. The reports give useful insight into exactly how many impressions your remarketing campaigns are receiving, (meaning how often your ads are appearing to your audience). The monthly report also identifies your click through rate, average ad position and your audience reach.

The purpose of the report is to compare your results with previous months, and our experienced remarketing team then respond accordingly ensuring your results are improving each month.