Case Studies

Sunset Equipment

Sunset equipment achieved a 600% increase in brand visibility within 5 weeks using AdFollow and this is what Malcolm Collins the GM of Sunset Equipment had to say

"Since Aspedia initiated the AdFollow campaign for Sunset Equipment we have seen not only a massive increase in the number of online advertisments that are being displayed across the internet but an increase in enquiry levels and leads."

Mining Crew

Mining crew initiated AdFollow campaigns to track both employers and candidates to drive the brand message and extend their 2nd chance traffic. The adverts have resulted in increased awareness of the business an improved conversion rates due to the brand beign presented on many sites as candidates 'surf' the internet.

Paradise Motorhomes

AdFollow suits Paradise Motorhomes perfectly as their typical customer buying cycle is years not weeks or months and they have the opportunity to keep their brand and visuals in front of previous site visitors on a regular basis. This is by far the most cost effective marketing strategy as it allows 'soft' brand messages with lifestyle product images to be presented and the wide variety of advert types shown increases the interest level and click through rate to the site.


AdFollow makes perfect sense to Sciqual as the sales cycle for them involve clients shopping around online to learn more about the certification process and the services available so AdFollow devised several campaigns to track their 'exit' traffic and remind them of the Sciqual offering as the surf the internet on other sites. Conversions back to the site have increased resulting in increased awareness and enquiries for Sciqual and the campaign continues to grow its 'following' month on month.