Increased Conversions

Bring back lost traffic to your site over and over again.

In recent studies we have found this strategy can boost your enquiry and sales conversion levels by over 200% to 300% within 12 months of advertising. Chances are you pay a lot of money to get targeted traffic to your site so it makes sense to prioritise your marketing budget on readvertising to an already qualified audience.  The cost to convert a new lead into a paying customer is much higher than the cost to convert an existing lead that has already visited your website.

4 Competitor Websites

When are new potential customers ready to buy?

At what point in the future do your potential customers change from research to the decision or enquiry phase of the buying cycle? Well unfortunately no one knows, and the result is different for every business so it makes sense to maintain visibility to your targeted audience for as long as possible until your new potential customer is ready buy from you.

For Example: Advertise a 2nd chance offer to people who abandon your shopping cart page.

Mary is shopping online for a new collar for her cat. She likes one from and puts it in her shopping cart but isn’t quite sure about the price and leaves the site.
A few days later she is looking on the web and sees a banner for advertising a discount offer.
Clicking the banner takes her straight back to her shopping cart, where she happily completes her purchase.