Adwords Retargeting

Imagine being able to bring back your website visitors over and over again with Adwords Retargeting.

Adwords Retargeting is an advertising technology that retargets customers who have displayed interest in your business. After the consumer leaves your website, they get remarketed with your businesses display ads while they surf the web, reinforcing your brand keeping you front of mind driving them back to your website. 

Diagram of website visitors being tagged by our code

Visitors who come to your site are ‘tagged’ using special code

Adwords retargeting enables you to continue advertising to people who have shown interest and exited your website without buying or contacting you.  In recent studies this strategy can boost your enquiry and sales conversion levels by 200% to 300% within 12 months of advertising.

There are three main benefits:

Diagram of your ad showing on another website

Your tagged visitors see your ads all over the web

Most marketers never seem to convert more than 4% to 6% of their traffic into a contactable lead. So what happens to the 94% to 96% of exit traffic?  Be sure to take a look at the benefits of implementing Adfollow as part of your online marketing standard. For extra information download our infographic brochure below to learn more about this powerful strategy.